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Another Ferrari Killer

Well it’s another killer design by no other than Ferrari.
About a week ago I wrote about the Ferrari designing firm new chair design, today I read about this new design concept, that is ready to go, meaning: That we might see this baby on the high way soon.
The concept it self is from the designer genies: Iman Maghsoudi.
He designed it so that once you reach a predetermined speed, the onboard computer will change the car’s
aerodynamic profile, using winglets called canards ahead of the front
wheels to create lift which reduces friction. In most cases, the
resulting vehicle would be called an airplane, but with the Monza,
ground effects come into play to keep it on ground!

Like eggs?! like egg shaped phone?


This is the first in many to come posts of cool geeky gadgets that you might also find useful for business.

This one here is a great gadget, simple and have enough features to compete with the iPhone.

Designer Roman Tubl set out to conceive a cell phone that’s easy to use and a pleasure to hold. Throw in a strip around the side that glows red (I like the black with glowing red combination), a slick touch screen and a cool logo, and you’ve got some serious pocket toy as well as some great options.

Looking at the design, I imagined holding it to my ear and having a conversation, thinking how easy the curves are to hold to the human ears, don’t you think?

Of course this is a concept phone, but I think it’s very doable. The concept includes the surface of the phone which consists of a flexi true color display for tactile touchscreen feedback. You’ll also notice the standard data ports like Bluetooth, USB, and Wifi in addition to a 3.2 megapixels camera and a snazzy amount of memory of 4 GB.

All credits go to designer Roman Tubl.

Here is 3 more pictures: