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I’ll Pay YOU $247 to join BAB!

Many people around the world know about the become a blogger (BAB) program. Many people joined it’s first launch, and many people are joining the second launch.

And I am paying you to join this great program.
Need more info about it? Go here: http://is.gd/1mkaX
Or watch this video sample from within the program:
Now, The money part:
The program costs $47 a month for 6 months.
$247 one time fee (with access to the entire program instantly)
Here is my promotion:
I will pay YOU to join this program, and since there are 2 options to join, I will offer 2 giveaway options:
1. I will pay 1 reader that will join the program the entire $247 if you follow the steps below.
2. I will pay 10 readers an entire 2 months of the program if they follow the steps below.
What do you have to do?
After you check the video above, you can sign up for the program from that same page.
Or, You can click this link to sign up: http://is.gd/1mkv2
1st Option steps:
1. After you sign up for Become a Blogger, comment below (On this page) and include your first name and the exact time you have joined, and that you have signed up for the $247 option.
2. I will contact you for more details.
3. The winner will be chosen randomly. Your number will be the comment number, for example: if your $247 option comment was the second comment, your number will be 2. (Please note: To make this  possible, at least 2 people must sign up from the link above, so make sure to tell your friends to visit this page and sign up for the program).
4. If the number of signups for this option is less than 2 people, this contest option will be void. (Sorry guys).
5. The winner will be announced on this page and I will contact them for the payment method to send them $247.
2nd Option steps:
1. This option does not have any limits to the number of people to sign up.
2. After you sign up for the monthly option from the link above, please comment on this page with your first name and that you chose the monthly option.
3. I will contact you for more details.
4. the first 10 people to sign up will receive a one time payment from me of $94 to go towards the last 2 months of the program, so make sure to signup ASAP to get your 2 months free.
Here is the link to signup again: http://is.gd/1mkv2
Please note: The Become a Blogger program offers a 60 day money back guarantee, therefor the winner of the first option will be picked after I confirm that they stayed with the program for more than 60 days. Other wise, I would be stupid to put this contest up!! 🙂
Good luck for all.
The program will close doors at midnight tonight July 3rd 2009. Act fast to get your prize!

Win $100: Just follow my Twitter

Time for a new contest at Guru Of Sales.
This one is easy, here is what to do:
1. Follow me on Twitter by going here.
2. Your done.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, you will be asked to sign up for one, it takes 1 minute to sign up.

I am celebrating getting close to 5000 followers, so the winner will be the 5000th follower.

If you win, I will contact you on Twitter though DM (Direct Message) to send you the cash.

The only rule is this: The prize will go to a brand new follower only. You will be disqualified if you un-follow then follow back, I have a list of all the current followers.

All the current followers will have a better treat soon.

Best of luck to all.

If you’re not following me on Twitter yet, do so by going here.
Want to be my friend on Facebook, do so by going here.
And if you are not an RSS subscriber yet, do so by going here.

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Winner of the free eBay brand bag contest

Here is the winner of this contest picked randomly using this tool from a total of 15 entries and they won the bag in the picture below:

The winner is:
Sam, from www.tfcelkton.org and I have contacted them for shipping details.

I would like to say to every hard working person out there that thought I was in my only summer vacation to stop playing in the little league and join the big guys league, make sure to come back here or get the RSS feed of this blog so you don’t miss out on the new upcoming online “FREE” school to teach you how to have the same life style I have, technically I have been on vacation since September of 2007, that’s almost 1 year of minimal work (About an hour a day) and I am making better profit than ever and it just keep growing every day. Again remember to get the RSS feed.

Also I am excited to announce… well I have 3 big announcements in the next 24 hours and I will be revealing each in a post, so get the RSS feed so you won’t miss it: The RSS feed can be found by clicking here.

Now, I have one more thing about this contest, I have another bag (exact same bag) that I was intending to give away as well in another contest, but one of the comments on this contest grabbed my attention it was from: Fajar Jasmin of sanewords.wordpress.com and here is a copy of the comment:
I want that bag because such bright combination of colours will attract
my son who happens to have autism. It will help to soothe him when he
has his tantrum. I couldn’t afford to buy necessary study aids for him
because I myself have an HIV. See http://sanewords.wordpress.com for my story :)

As I always intended for this blog to be all about good things, I decided to send that second bag to Fajar along with another item that might grab his son’s attention as well, and hope for his cure, but before I send it, I would like to offer for any one who would like to add anything into the bag to be sent to Faraj and his son as well, to please email me back through the contact form if they want to send Fajar anything, and I will make arrangments to send it all to him in the same shioment.
I have to metion that I have never met Fajar before and I have no previuos relationship with him, I understand his situation because I know a friend that teaches in an autistic children school, and that’s why I decided to offer help. I will be sending the items to him in a week, so please contact me before then if you would like to help as well.