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Video interview with HammerTap.com

Well since I am in sharing mood, and to continue what I started yesterday, I wanted to share with you the big amount of videos and photos that I have been saving for quite a while now.
Some of the videos (Started to collect dust 🙂 ) was taken back at eBay live, that includes almost every person that works for eBay or for a third party company, all the way to eBay current president John Donahoe (Coming here soon) and PayPal’s current president Scott Thomson as well (Take a look here at our YouTube previous videos) and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel on YouTube so you won’t miss any upcoming videos.
Today, I am sharing this video interview with Jen Cano, VP of Education for HammerTap, LLC.
Jen is HammerTap’s spokeswoman and is an eBay Certified Consultant as well, I personally met Jen at the PayPal developers scavenger hunt party she was a great help for our team (We won first place out of 28 teams) and she agreed on doing this interview.
Jen is also very well known on the eBay radio at wsradio.com for her weekly report and tips.

For more details about the market research service that they provide, go to: HammerTap.com
Here is the interview:

More videos to come soon 😉

eBay DevCon 08 coverage video 4

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Here is the last video from the eBay DevCon. Walking to the registration area a day before Live 08.
Note: This is the biggest convention center in the entire country, Although eBay had only half of it, but the walking was way too much. I must have lost about 15 lbs. just walking at the McCormick Place convention center.
Enjoy the video:

eBay DevCon 08 coverage video 3

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eBay live 08 floor coverage (video 2)

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Sneak peek pictures for eBay Live 08!

So here are some pics from behind the scene at eBay live 08 in Chicago:

1.  I am guessing this is where the keynotes and gala will be:

DSC00535 DSC00537 DSC00538

2. Some banners:

DSC00541 DSC00540

3. Room 193, where I will be speaking for the education specialist training day:

DSC00563   DSC00568DSC00561

eBay live 08 registration is now open!


As an eBay member, education specialist, trading assistant, developer member, PayPal certified developer and Skype developer, You know I will be there from June 16th to the 21st, feel free to join me, whether you’re an eBay member or not, it is the biggest eBay event for buyers, sellers, power sellers and eBay related services developers.

eBay Live! is the biggest event of the year for the eBay Community. Thousands of passionate eBay Community members will get together to network, share tips and ideas, get hands-on experience with new solutions, and learn new ways to succeed on eBay. There’s something for every eBay Community member-from first-time buyer to the most advanced Top Seller.

Here is some of this events highlights:

* The Keynote Address-hear eBay leaders discuss the past, present, and future of eBay at this exclusive event.

* Education-choose from hundreds of classes, labs, and discussions and elevate your eBay success.

* Networking Events-get to know other eBay Community members at Networking breaks, lunches, and dinners to build lasting friendships and profitable business relationships.

* The Closing Gala-dine, dance, and celebrate another enlightening, rewarding eBay Live!

Here is part of the email announcement that I got:

eBay Live! has something to offer everyone, whether you’re new to the eBay Community or a seasoned veteran: -Network with over 10,000 enthusiastic eBay Community members -Learn how to be more successful buying and selling on eBay at over 150 sessions taught by staff and other eBay experts -Hear about the future of eBay at the Keynote Address given by John Donahoe, eBay President and CEO -Have a ball at the Closing Gala, featuring world-class entertainment

I will be speaking at the education specialist training day (exclusive for education specialists) on June 18th, to become and education specialist and be able to attend the training day, you can sign up here: poweru.net

Registration dates and deals for eBay live:

March 14-April 30: $ 75 SAVE $45!
May 1-May 31: $100 SAVE $20!
June 1-June 21: $120  
Saturday Only: $ 75  

And you can register here: eBay live

Hope to see you there. 🙂