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The Ferrari of desk chairs!

The design firm “Pininfarina” that designed cars like the “Enzo Ferrari” also designed this cool desk chair that you can get for $3000!

The seat uses a cushioning material called Technogel that reduces
fatigue by 60%, and Dynatec, a fabric developed for Olympic athletes to wick
moisture from the body. I think that the Xten is designed to remain comfortable all day long.

Of course it comes in different colors 😉

Paper Shamoo for travelers!

Where was that when I traveled to Chicago last week? I think this is a great idea for travelers, specially who fly since you can’t take your “liquid” shampoo with you on your flight.
Packages have 30 shampoo sheets and go for $12.50
I have to buy one to try it, I think it might be better than cheap hotel shampoo 😉