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Happy Holidays and an announcement!

So We’re officially starting the holidays season as of tonight, and I would like to say Happy holidays to my family, friends, neighbors and mostly to you, yes you, all my readers worldwide, because without any of you, there will be no me!

Enjoy your holidays and don’t forget to share and give 🙂

As you might know, my online school launch day was delayed, and only now I can tell you the reason.
I always advice other bloggers and online consultants and service based businesses to share their value for free, however we can not live on free! That is a fact, they ask me how would we profit from it? I said by supporting your blog or site with advertising and do some private business on the side only if asked to.
And I took my own advice in regards of the school, I called out for sponsors, and the outcome was extremely huge (Thanks for being known and active in the online sphere) and I decided to organize my sponsors into 3 categories: Platinum, Gold and Silver.
I am still working on the Gold and Silver levels, but as of today I am obligated by my contracts with my 2 main platinum sponsors to start marketing about their products.
With no further due, here are both of my platinum sponsors:

Platinum Sponsor 1:

Sony Corp. (Find out more at SonyStyle.com)

Platinum sponsor 2:

T-Mobile International (Find out more at T-Mobile.com)

The new launch date is Monday December 15th 2008, the reason it was delayed is that my sponsors had some issues with the layout and colors of the school’s site that does not match with their already produced campaigns.
Other wise the school (it’s not really a school, it’s more of an entire web 2.0 online training program) is going strong and from what I see, the word is going viral, but wait… it’s Thanksgivings eve! What are you doing here? Go have fun and have a great Thanks Giving day 🙂
Will see you soon, and don’t forget to get the RSS 😉