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Happy Holidays and an announcement!

So We’re officially starting the holidays season as of tonight, and I would like to say Happy holidays to my family, friends, neighbors and mostly to you, yes you, all my readers worldwide, because without any of you, there will be no me!

Enjoy your holidays and don’t forget to share and give 🙂

As you might know, my online school launch day was delayed, and only now I can tell you the reason.
I always advice other bloggers and online consultants and service based businesses to share their value for free, however we can not live on free! That is a fact, they ask me how would we profit from it? I said by supporting your blog or site with advertising and do some private business on the side only if asked to.
And I took my own advice in regards of the school, I called out for sponsors, and the outcome was extremely huge (Thanks for being known and active in the online sphere) and I decided to organize my sponsors into 3 categories: Platinum, Gold and Silver.
I am still working on the Gold and Silver levels, but as of today I am obligated by my contracts with my 2 main platinum sponsors to start marketing about their products.
With no further due, here are both of my platinum sponsors:

Platinum Sponsor 1:

Sony Corp. (Find out more at SonyStyle.com)

Platinum sponsor 2:

T-Mobile International (Find out more at T-Mobile.com)

The new launch date is Monday December 15th 2008, the reason it was delayed is that my sponsors had some issues with the layout and colors of the school’s site that does not match with their already produced campaigns.
Other wise the school (it’s not really a school, it’s more of an entire web 2.0 online training program) is going strong and from what I see, the word is going viral, but wait… it’s Thanksgivings eve! What are you doing here? Go have fun and have a great Thanks Giving day 🙂
Will see you soon, and don’t forget to get the RSS 😉

Why do I LOVE Twitter?


3 Days ago I asked this question on Twitter: Name 1 reason you love Twitter and 1 tool that you use to “Tweet” the most.
Here is my answer:

Here are the first 50 answers (Replies or Direct Messages) from my friends on Twitter:

What is Twitter? Find out here!

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Twitter is a personal friendly tool used to network socialize and most importantly staying up to date on what’s going on in the world.

Best answer that made me laugh was @netik answer, we all know that you work there John, so thanks for participating 🙂

All the other answers are great, I received almost 100 replies with only one of them asking if they can say why they hated twitter. Well, as any person would, I was a bit skeptical too when I first started using Twitter. But that’s another story in the making and will be shared with you all soon.

Don’t forget to comment on this post of what you think of the answers and of Twitter in general.

Thank you to everyone that replied or DM’ed me back and if you are looking to learn more about Twitter and beyond, I have just finished a 5 hours session to be included in the free online school starting November 1st, so keep updated and sign up when the doors opens soon 🙂

Blog Action Day lives on (Part 1 of 2)

As I continue my effort towards this critical issue (Poverty) and as I mentioned in this post that this effort should be ongoing and not just for one day, also as I would like to bring up the point of blogging and how powerful it is bringing people together world wide.

I started something wild, and it took me about 14 hours of reading to finish it (almost).

I personally went to every blog that was picked up on the blog action day home page and read every single post by all the bloggers from around the world, aside from the amount of info that I learned within the 14 hours of reading (Thanks to all), it came to my mind that blogging is not just about writing (Although it is the biggest part of it), but also it’s about connecting people, I have seen personal blogs, business blogs, romance blogs, religion blogs, health blogs (And the list goes on…), all sharing the same call against poverty which was the topic of the 2008 blog action day. Some bloggers actually did the same thing I did, which is connecting, how? By commenting on other blogs.

Whether you are a reader, blogger or just a surfer, you can raise your voice and be heard simply by commenting on other blogs. And that’s what I did!

I commented on over 150 blog posts that I read throughout the last 48 hours commending everyone on their posts (I specially liked the ones with photos “Photo blogging”) and asked them all to come and read the article that I wrote and let me know what they thought about my contribution to solve the issue.

I also promised them that I will encourage my readers to visit their blogs and read their opinions as well. I would call this “Social Blogging” which is simply getting every one involved in action.

I’ll go through commenting and blogging as a social networking, opinion sharing tool more in my upcoming online training school that I’ve announced earlier this month.

The point of this post is that every time I have received a comment back from another blogger, I knew they cared about the issue, that does not mean that everyone else didn’t care, I understand that sometime people get sidetracked by life, but the people who commented on the article (44 comments up to this point) did a lot to share to solve the problem, even if they didn’t know it, they did put the effort of just sharing to raise the issue higher into the open field of blogging.

And that’s another way of solving any problem, we see it every day, whether on a newspaper site, on a political forum, or on any blog of any kind. And I will do my part and share the love with you from everyone that commented on this article and a link to their blogs in the second part of this article and I really hope that you will take a minute for each blog to read their opinion. And don’t forget to comment 😉

I will go back to my normal blogging, but in my life, this issue along with a lot more issues (Like my involvement with ONE.org) which was the main reason for me to start blogging, will continue on a daily basis. And I will also share my knowledge with everyone on the online school that will start on November 1st 2008 for free! (Again this is not all about money or profit, but it’s to share the good and feel the better).

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