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Marsha Collier video interview about eBay business!

As I continue sharing all the interviews that I did throughout the summer, today I am sharing an interview with an author of many books and DVD’s Marsha Collier.
A list of all the books and DVD’s that Marsha wrote or co-wrote is in the widget below:

Marsha is also the co-host of WSRadio’s show: Computer and technology and the creator of the site:
Enjoy the video:

I will speak more about Marsha’s impressive work and teachings on the upcoming Online School, so stay tuned 😉

Video interview with

Well since I am in sharing mood, and to continue what I started yesterday, I wanted to share with you the big amount of videos and photos that I have been saving for quite a while now.
Some of the videos (Started to collect dust 🙂 ) was taken back at eBay live, that includes almost every person that works for eBay or for a third party company, all the way to eBay current president John Donahoe (Coming here soon) and PayPal’s current president Scott Thomson as well (Take a look here at our YouTube previous videos) and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel on YouTube so you won’t miss any upcoming videos.
Today, I am sharing this video interview with Jen Cano, VP of Education for HammerTap, LLC.
Jen is HammerTap’s spokeswoman and is an eBay Certified Consultant as well, I personally met Jen at the PayPal developers scavenger hunt party she was a great help for our team (We won first place out of 28 teams) and she agreed on doing this interview.
Jen is also very well known on the eBay radio at for her weekly report and tips.

For more details about the market research service that they provide, go to:
Here is the interview:

More videos to come soon 😉

Skype Prime announced major improvements

2 Days ago, Skype announced some major improvements to their Skype Prime service. To explain what the service is, I will simply say that it’s a service that will enable you to charge for voice consulting calls. The way it works, someone will call you, for a service that you have experiance in, they will pay you on a minute based (you set the price) and you get paid through PayPal, and that’s all.
The changes are made to the directory where your services will be listed. Now they have an all new advice and services directory, it’s now fully searchable so it’s easy for customers to find you.
A new rating system, the higher your customers rate you, the higher you will appear in any search results.
They also advertise for it more now so you will start getting more calls.
To start listing your services go here, download Skype and install it (Skip this step if you already have Skype), when you’re online, go to the account menu, click on Skype Prime and follow the easy steps to setup your services. Good luck 🙂