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Create your own Social Network (Introducing Ning!)

Ever dream of having a social network that’s about your own band or another social network just for your company and your co-workers?! allows you to do just that.
“Ning” is a Chinese word for “Peace”, co-founded by Mark Andereessen and Gina Bianchini, and launched in October of 2005. allows you to create a social network just like myspace or facebook including any feature that you can imagine from blogs to forums to sharing photos and videos.
Your own created network could be about your family members or about your company or even your school’s basketball team! There are no limits of what you can create a social network about.

At There will be at least 2 classes about setting up a Ning network and other services like Ning. So make sure to sign up soon, it’s free!

In late 2007 Ning added support for OpenSocial, a project started by Google that I think would be the future of social networking.

No matter what your specific interests and no matter if you have any technical skills, Ning’s unique feature of allowing anyone to create their custom network about a topic or need or just to interact with fans or even raise awareness, is just great to have and is simply Web 2.0 at it’s best.

You can create networks for free that will be ad supported by Ning or you can create and brand a social network without ads in exchange for a small monthly fee. (A study I did before shows that it’s around $50 a month per network on Ning) and we will go through details of how to have your own branded social network for free, or whether to choose Ning’s paid branded network for your business in a near future class at now hosts over half a million networks.

Of course you can join our own network of Guru Of Sales right here:
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Create your network and comment below with a link to your network and I just might become your first member to join 🙂

Talking about Bloggers on Yahoo!

Certainly, there is a lot of buzz about bloggers today, from Darren Rowse and Jeff Chandlers post about the future of blogging, all the way to Yahoo’s own homepage!
2 Of Yahoo’s homepage featured articles (Yes 2 of them in the same time) speaks about bloggers and what they think.
One article was about the band Coldplay being accused of stealing a riff from a guitar virtuoso, and that a blogger thinks that there is a point of the story, the other is about a blogger that believes Detroit might be better of with NBA star Allen Iverson behind center.
Here is my point:
Blogging is a very powerful media stream, whether you are a mom blogging about toddlers care tips or you are a NBA backstage addict blogger, your point and vision will be read and counted for.
So go ahead and start blogging, build your name and maybe I will read about your review of a new Lamborghini on Yahoo’s homepage soon.

Note: If You don’t know how to blog or you are a blogger but need to learn more, watch the 10 free videos by Yaro & Gideon here, It’s free!

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First official Guru Of Sales Online school announcement

Yes you read the title correctly, I am proud to finally announce the long awaited GuruOfSales Online school.
This announcement comes after I finally received a letter today that all my teaching materials where copyrighted and protected.
I have been hinting about this for quite a while now to friends and colleagues, and already have a huge list of people ready to start a new era of learning and working online.

The Great News Is:

It’s 100% FREE for you the student.

No catch, no gimmicks, no money involved at all, you have my word for that.

The official start date is 11/1/2008 and it will be 6 months long 2 or 3 times a week.

Here is what you will learn: uh… wait.. I am a marketing and sales guru, I think I will reveal details within the next 30 days to create the buzz needed for this school.
All I can tell you right now that it will be rich in videos, podcasts, reading materials and of course it will have a it’s own URL (Will be revealed soon) and I promise great entertaining content a’La Guru style 😉

Oh, one more thing, if you’re not already subscribed, then go ahead and subscribe here: this is the only way you can keep up to date of everything about the school.
You can also follow me on twitter here: but I won’t reveal as much info as I will on this blog.
Ciao for now 🙂