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Win up to 30,000 Entrecard credits!

I am glad to announce the first official Guru Of Sales Entrecard credits giveaway contest.
The winner of this contest will get 3000 credits instantly.
Check the optional step at the end of this post to find out how to get 30,000 credits instead of 3000.
The way this contest works is as follow:
Send me a message using the form found at our “contact us” page under the “about us” page at the menu on the top of this site.
Answer each of the steps below in the message.
We will assign a number to each entry (One entry per player) then we will have a random pick using the tool found here.
Winner will be announced on Sunday May 8th of 2008 and the credits coupon will be send to them.
Here are the steps:

1. Write a blog post on your blog about our blog (Minimum 100 words) and link back to this post. Then send us the link to your post in the message.

2. Subscribe to the RSS feed ((BY EMAIL)). Found on the top right corner on this page. (Make sure it’s the same email you are sending us the message from).

3. Comment on this post and on this post and feel free at add your blog’s link. (Also make sure to use the same email to comment).

4. Follow me on twitter here then add me as a friend on facebook here. Make sure you send me both your twitter ID and your facebook profile page in the message above.

5. Stumble or Digg this post (from the links above near the title of this post) and include that you did in the message.

6. You’re done. Sit back and relax or make a drink and enjoy it 🙂

Optional step 1:
By completing this step you will have 10 bonus entries plus the one original for doing all the steps above. That’s 11 chances to win. Plus if your number is the winner, you will get 30,000 credits. That’s an extra 27,000 than the other players.
All you have to do is to qualify for this optional step is to go to the advertise page and pick one of the last 2 spots available in “position 3” then please include that you did so in the message above.

Optional step 2: With this step you will get 3 total entries and if you are the winner you will get 6,000 credits altogether.
All you have to do for this one is to go to and buy an advert on then include your blogs URL in the message above.

Please remember to sign up first for Entrecard at and I wish you all great luck.

Again I am including a widget below so you can get a head start and buy credits directly from eBay.

Here is the widget:

Note: please allow popups from this blog so you can open the items directly from the widget.

New: Guru Of Sales version 1.6!!

Why is it 1.6?
Why not 2.0?
And why now?

First of all, I like to remind you that back in April I only made very little changes since the launch of this blog. We named it version 1.5.
Just recently we added some more changes but it wasn’t big enough to qualify for version 2.0 yet. And in the near future we will have 1.7 or 1.9 whatever it will be, so keep an eye 😉

Recent changes includes the following:

New pages: (not to big of a change) (This is a local service only) (As promised before. I didn’t forget) (To advertise with us)
More pages in the next update.

New categories:
Some of you may know that me and my guest bloggers ran 26 blogs, I joining 5 of them into this blog, also joining most of the other blogs to be sold (Already have 3 offers on the table). In results of that, I added more categories to this blog to reflect the changes.
New categories will involve more than the main purpose of this blog, to include technology (Mainly gadgets) and environment issues like global warming.
In results of the new changes, you will see much more traffic on this blog and we’ll try to keep it all connected. I am also taking this opportunity to announce that some of my bloggers are leaving to be on their own and will only blog here occasionally. So, within a week, I will post for a blogging job opening (Again!) so keep an eye if you’re looking for some extra income.
I had to include this post under all the categories, otherwise, the categories will not show. Take a look near the end of the sidebar to check the new categories.

I would like to thank everyone that worked with me to make all this possible.

Until next time friends 🙂