Blog Action Day

As many of you might know that today is blog action day:

Today I encourage all bloggers to join the force, after all it’s about our own environment!

Steps we (bloggers) can take to make a different:

1- Take action by making a plan (pledge) to save our environment by joining Yahoo’s green program here.

2- Turn your computer off at night

3- Consider donating for an environmental cause.

4- Learn more about recycling and how it works here.

5- You already saving papers by blogging but here is quite a few more ideas:

a. Choose not to print receipts at your ATM. And try to do more online banking.

b. Subscribe to your favorite newspaper or magazine online (Most publications allow that now)

c. If you eat outside, Make sure to use fewer napkins.

6- Buy a more energy efficient monitor for your computer.

7- Plant a tree somewhere.

I know there is a lot more we can do to save our environment but that was just a start.

Enjoy your day, have some green tea.

eBay DevCon and Live!

So I am here at the eBay live developer conference, met new exciting people and learning more and more about eBay, paypal and skype API programs.

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4- I will contact you shortly after my trip to Boston “eBay live”.

5- Have fun!