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Super Bowl: Biggest Sports day? Or Marketing day! Part 2 of 2

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To read part one, go here.

I heard there will be a lot of the dot com companies advertising during the game tonight, and I can predict that my favorite classic ad will be to my favorite company, GoDaddy, but we’ll see πŸ™‚
Wanna watch and vote on GoDaddy’s commercial and to find out more click below:

Go Daddy  $7.49.com sale 468x60

But of you want to watch all the ads and vote on it live, Hulu is here! For those of you who don’t know that I am a huge hulu fan, you can follow my activities and friend me through my facebook page.
I have been a huge fan of Hulu for a while now, and I am happy to see it becoming as big as they are today. Please note: Hulu is currently only available in North America.
Find me on Hulu.com and friend me there as well πŸ™‚
Below you can view and vote for your favorite ads as they come live:

Another huge place to do the same thing is none other than: YouTube.

YouTube’s AdBlitz is back by popular demand, all ads will be there as well.

Another channel worth mentioning is:

Although I don’t get the point from that channel (Aside from the huge Pepsi ads all over), it’s been advertised that it will be live during tonight’s game.

This is the end of the Super Bowl post.

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Super Bowl: Biggest Sports day? Or Marketing day! Part 1 of 2

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I have to admit, up until last year I was not that much into the sport of football, therefore, I only watched the Super Bowl for the ads! This year I was a bit more into learning the game’s history and I did follow the games as much as I could, and that’s why I have started a new blog about the sport and will reveal more info about it in time.

However, until today, millions of people are still not interested in the game, for whatever reason it is, but they still watch the Super Bowl. Why? Simply for the commercials.

This year, I will be in a live concert at the same time of publishing this post, and thanks for the technology we have today, in the second part of this post, you can watch all the commercials as they come on, and also comment on it, without leaving the page that your at. πŸ™‚

But before we start voting, I need to know, do you watch the Super Bowl for the game or for the ads? Or for both?!

The build up for this event is huge, for example, Pepsi, as one of the main sponsors of the game, is just about every where! not just in online advertising, but it’s in every store I have walked in in the past week, even at the Swatch store in Times Square!!

Don’t get me wrong, I think that this is a brilliant idea, marketing in games, otherwise, how would all the players get paid!

Now down to the advertising:
NBC is the main benificial of this event.

However, the marketing before the game is another build up, 3 movies were advertised that stuck on my mind, thanks to the cast of the movies being there. The 3 movies are:
Fast & Furious ( After watching the trailer, I like that Vin Diesel’s car had NJ license plates).
Race to Witch Mountain (With one of my all times favorite: The Rock!)
Paul Blart: Mall Cop (Already number 1 for the second week in a row).

Also I heard that the first trailer of another favorite of mine will be revealed tonight, The new Transformers Movie.

Continue reading at part 2

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Manage your advertising with Google Ad Manager


Although it’s still say that it’s in beta, but Google Ad Manager has been open for public use for a while now.

I have been invited (secretly) to use the service a while back and I found it extremely useful.

Basically the service aims to help web site publishers and blog owners to integrate ads into their pages, whether it’s Google’s AdSense, other ad networks, or even your own in house ads.


Here is what they offer (From their site):

Inventory management

  • Inventory levels: Define inventory at granular levels for more efficient line item creation and trafficking. Use ad slots to generate Ad Manager tags for your pages, ad placements to group related ad slots, and ad products to bundle and sell inventory packages with the same cost and targeting criteria.
  • Inventory availability tracking: Easily confirm whether ad impressions are available for specific dates, placements, and targeting criteria. Avoid overbooking and underselling.
  • Simple ad tag generation and management: Copy and paste tags directly into your HTML. Avoid the need to re-tag your site when you change the way you sell your inventory. (Available upon request: iframe tags.)

Yield optimization

  • Optional AdSense Integration: Use AdSense to fill unsold inventory or compete on price against other ad networks.

Ad targeting

  • Built-in targeting options: Target ads to your site visitors’ geography, day and time, bandwidth, browser, browser language, operating system, and domain.
  • Customizable targeting criteria: Target ad impressions by passing your own custom key-value pairs to Ad Manager.

Trafficking, ad delivery, and order booking

  • Delivery options: Choose one of five delivery types (exclusive, premium, standard, remnant, or house) to determine, automatically, how ads may be delivered.
  • Frequency capping: Set multiple levels of frequency capping, which limit the number of ads the same visitor sees over a minute, hour, day, week, month, or lifetime.
  • Roadblocking: Deliver multiple creatives together on the same page. (Available upon request.)
  • Proven Google infrastructure: Enjoy fast, reliable ad delivery and load time.
  • Support for various ad pricing models: Choose from cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM), cost-per-click (CPC), and cost-per-day (CPD).
  • AdSense integration (optional):Consistently deliver the highest-paying ad by enabling AdSense.
  • Ad network management: Easily manage your third-party ad networks with network orders.

Creatives and rich media management

  • Rich media support: Use tags from a variety of rich media providers. Automatically detect macros.
  • Free ad creatives hosting: Save bandwidth and costs.
  • Redirect creatives support: Easily track ads from a third-party network, affiliate provider, or other URL you provide.


  • Multiple reporting options: Run reports on order delivery, inventory performance, or overall sales.
  • Detailed reporting: Break down reports by date, line item, placement, advertiser, and other categories.
  • Fast report generation: Create reports in seconds.
  • Interactive views: Sort data, add or remove columns, review different data subsets, and make other edits without having to leave the page or run a new report.
  • Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited: Feel confident in Google Ad Manager’s ad impression measurement process, accredited by the Media Rating Council to be fully compliant with Interactive Advertising Bureau standards.

User interface

  • Search functionality: Locate order, inventory, or advertiser data from any page in Ad Manager.
  • Intuitive work flows: Quickly and easily create orders, approve orders, and review status of orders. Decrease training time and trafficking steps.
  • AdSense channels integration: Import your existing AdSense channels into Ad Manager (optional).
  • Browser session support: Use your browser’s ‘Back’ button and other built-in navigation without losing data.


  • Access controls: Set various viewing and editing permissions for your team.
  • Contacts organization: Store and manage advertiser and agency company information.
  • International language and currency support: Use Google Ad Manager in your native language and currency.

And a great 5 slides demo explains it easier is available here.

As of January first we are re-opening our advertising opportunities here at Guru Of Sales and we will be using Google’s Ad Manager πŸ™‚

Seinfeld to be pitchman for Microsoft!!

Let’s see if $300 million will change Jerry’s mind (His point about blogging still pisses me off).
The planned fall advertising campaign is not yet to be officially announced, but it will soon.
The Wall Street Journal first reported the plans. Citing people close
to the situation, it reported the comedian will be paid $10 million for
appearing in ads with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates.
But for us younger consumers especially, can Seinfeld turn the image tide for Microsoft? Well I guess it will (but then again, you know my views of the MAC and Apple in general πŸ˜‰ ).
“Seinfeld does represent sort of a challenge,” says Brian Steinberg,
television editor for the weekly advertising magazine Ad Age. “He’s not
Dane Cook. He’s got a more sophisticated everyday take on things. He
often comes across as a questioner of conventional wisdom but also can
be kind of a crank. It’s a fine line to walk when you’re dealing with a
younger person.”
I guess it’s time that Microsoft and MR. gates are back in the TV advertising game again, after all, all the hype that was created for MACs and iPhones was just smart marketing from Apple.
My question is: Will Jerry be advertising anything about the Windows Live Writer? because let’s face it, for $300 Million I think he should change his opinion about blogs. Don’t you think?

Do you have a Web 2.0 business card? I have Entrecard!


Do you have a business card? Yes! Good.

Do you have a Web 2.0 style business card? No! Too bad, you will not have a chance to drop me your card therefor I might never know anything about your blog.

I suggest that after you read this, and if you have a blog, then take my advice and signup with Entrecard.

In the last few months I have seen Entrecard booming with a massive and growing membership between blog owners.

10 Days ago Entrecard made big changes to their service. I can not explain how dropping your card and bringing more business any better than Entrecard, their new official ebook is out, and explains a lot about their service.

Even better, with all the new changes they are giving out up to 15,000 Entrecard credits in one contests then another 2000 credits in a different contest.

Some of the new changes are the ability to add multiple blogs under one account, a new improved homepage and a new droppers RSS feed option.

For more info and to download the ebook click here: http://entrecard.com/static/entrecard_official_ebook.pdf

To signup and get your own free Entrecard go to www.entrecard.com

I will officially give out 3000 Entrecard credits in a contest here at www.guruofsales.com, the contest is easy and free to enter, all you have to do is follow some easy steps to qualify for the entry.

The contest will be posted on Saturday May 31st, however, you can start building your points immediately, the first step is to comment on this post. In the comment mention your blog’s URL and a reason for your entry, whether it’s for the free advertising you can get with your 3000 credits or to make cash and sell the 3000 credits on eBay. Only comments with your URL will count.

And if you already have an Entrecard, then go ahead and drop it to the right, I will check the dropped RSS often.

Advertising is now available.


Just a quick announcement:

It is my pleasure  to announce that we have finally added and improved our advertising opportunity on this blog, and that spots are now available to purchase here.

We made a one time early bird special, get your spot soon as we expect to get more advertiser and spots will fill up fast. Go to our advertise page  and check out the positions available.

If you, your company, your friends, or a website you know need to get that extra exposure, then this is the right opportunity for you.

Also spread the word to any one you know that might be interested, we appreciate the help.

After the special period is over all prices will go back up.

Note: Only our former advertisers will get 15% discount as promised, as long as they advertise the same URL.

Good luck to all πŸ™‚

Super Bowl Sunday: 63 commercials interrupted by 1 game

A quick post:

Super Bowl Sunday is all about marketing.

At least that’s what I think.

With about 158 million Americans with wide eyeballs and More than a billion viewers will watch the game, in 223 countries and territories, thanks to 57 international broadcasters, looking at the years most marketed game, and the fact that there is over $170.1 million worth of commercials sold by Fox: There will be 63 ads interrupting the game (or you might say the game will interrupt the 63 commercials), and for each 30-second spot, Fox will collect $2.7 million. Wow, that’s $90,000 per second.

I think that this is the first marketing “Game” and the second TV marketing event after New Years eve.

A quick review of 30 years of advertising is: Here (I like the Yahoo one) πŸ™‚

YouTupe is having a ” Vote for your favorite ad event right after the game” through adblitz: Here

And even my favorite domain registrar got famous thanks to their daring you Super Bowl Commercial few years back.

Get you own domain name with Godaddy for just $1.99 per year during the Super Bowl promotion and get a chance to watch all Godaddy’s daring commercials through out the years (Even the ones that was banned by TV due to their strong adult materials) by clicking on this banner:

Go Daddy $1.99 Domains 120x240

Want a sneak preview of the ad before the game? For free? Here is what you do:

Click on Godaddy’s banner above, Scroll all the way to the bottom, one of the links there says ” BobParsons”Β  click on it, then click on the “Fox hands us a lemon” article under Jan. 2008, you will find the secret link to the free video there.

I will deliver you my own coverage of the ads (Not the game) shortly after the game. Enjoy your Ads.

I meant enjoy the game πŸ˜‰

Ad:Tech, a flash back review of 7search

When I visited Ad:Tech NY, one of the biggest online advertising company grabbed my attention: 7Search.com

I gathered great information from their sales rep. Brad Stanley and this is what I think:

When I first visited 7Search.com over 5 years ago they were already a powerful online advertising company, 7Search.com conducts over 1.7 Billion Searches per month with well over 200,000 uniques. 7Search.com is one of the leading pay-per-ranking search engines on the entire web with patent pending Fraud Detection Technology, giving advertisers the highest ROI, you can begin bidding on keywords for as little as one penny!

They are a transparent bid auction, this means they will show you the total searches on each keyword and as well as current bid prices so you can bid accordingly to become more visible on Search Engine Results Pages, ultimately bringing more business to you. They have partnered with a network of over 39,000 advertisers as well as 35% (600) of the search engines that are currently generating quality traffic on the web now.

Big Shocking news: Microsoft Bids $44.6B for Yahoo!

And one of my personal favorite dreams for both companies to join forces and become one, … well, we’re close to that.

Although this is not a financial blog nor a stock market watch blog, but I think the effect this will do to the online advertising industry will be huge.

As we speak, the online advertising industry is a $40B and it’s expected to be $80B in less than 3 years, that’s a breaking neck rate as they call it.

I think that Steve Ballmer is in a desperate grab for the online advertising market, so, Microsoft came through and bid $44.6 billion, or $31 per share, for Yahoo.

The bid represents a 62 percent premium to yesterday’s closing price for Yahoo shares, although, as one analyst pointed out, it’s only a roughly 15 percent premium over the 52-week average trading price.

While this is Microsoft’s boldest strategic move in a while, the company has made several aggressive attempts to gain footing in the online ad market over the last 12 months. In May 2007, Microsoft announced its $6 billion acquisition of aQuantive (now called: Microsoft ad Marketplace) and in October 2007, they spent a hugeΒ  $280 million for a 1.6 percent stake in Facebook. ($10 more millions and they reach only half of what New Corp paid for myspace)

The bid comes just a couple days after Yahoo posted weak fourth quarter results and announced plans to cut 1,000 positions.

Among the many benefits to the proposed deal, according to Microsoft, is that many Yahoo employees can keep their jobs:

“Microsoft intends to offer significant retention packages to Yahoo! engineers, key leaders and employees across all disciplines,” the statement said.

Although Yahoo said it would consider the offer, I believe that Microsoft is probably taking the bid public because they failed in private talks, and now they’re trying to appeal to shareholders.

A bigger dream is for all the major sites to join forces and work in harmony. Mark this day in history as it may be the beginning of a brand new better world.

SnapShot.com new advertising service at ad:tech

With, over 2,000,000 Web site operators, bloggers and individual Web surfers today voluntarily use Snap Shots on their sites and browsers. Snap Shots is used about 15 million times daily and has been translated into 43 languages by volunteers.

In conjunction with the Snap Ad Network, a new program that allows advertisers to deliver content with associated context-based ads to millions of Snap ShotsTM users, Snap.com today announced Snap Shares, a new way for Web site operators and bloggers to make money using Snap Shots, the most popular Web site enhancement in the world.

Well what is SnapShot?

Follow my blog or subscribe to my RSS feeds or to my email list and I will go through a full review of the service, here is a brief preview as an example of what it is:

When mousing over a hyper link, a small SnapShot window reveals content from the linked site formatted according to the content type, such as a video player from a YouTube link, a brief summary from a Wikipedia link, etc.

I will integrate in my site soon.

The new service, Snap Share, was to be announced on Thursday at BlogWorld expo, but they decided to share it with us today at ad:tech New York.

A new money making stream, Snap Shots with Snap Share allows bloggers & Web site owners to increase their revenue with the context based ads at the bottom of each Snap Shot. This is, I think, the best ad placement since it;s in your content and to the side or bottom of it.

Snap.com said: Snap Shares is actually three ways of sharing ad inventory. Sites can:

1. Have Google serve ads via their Adsense account.

2. Display their own text or graphic ads.

3. Donate their shares of impressions to a Charity of their choice. (I like this option)

The idea behind Snap Shares is to allow sites to…

* Generate new advertising inventory on their site.
* Meet their minimums for pay-out from their Ad Network sooner or increase their monthly checks.
* Improve the user experience of their sites with richer, more interactive content.
* All without having to shift the ads-to-content ratio of their pages.

Joining the SnapShares program is easy.

1- Site/blog operators register at Snap.com and adjust their Snap Shots to meet their site’s look and feel, such as logos, language, color, size, etc.
2- Each site provides account numbers from their existing advertising providers. If they do not have an Ad Provider, the registration form includes links to participating providers.
3- According to their individual Ad Provider agreement, revenue generated from using SnapShares will be issued directly from their Ad Provider. And I am looking into that, I think it’s a better way to choose who you want to be in your site.

To register for Snap Shares or view a demo, visit http://www.snap.com/.

More to come about this subject, get my feeds or subscribe to my email newsletter and know as soon as it’s out.