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Use Digsby and change your life!

Note: 3 Hours of video/audio classes on digsby are available for free on Wahol.com

Ever since I have moved from using Trillian messenger into using digsby, my online life has changed.
To make it simple: Digsby is a universal IM and email application, in other words, you can use your existing IM account (Yahoo IM, AOL’s AIM, Google talk, MSN/Live, ICQ, Jabber or even facebook chat) and use it all within one easy (And light waight) window, and here is the best part: You can use multible accounts from the same providor at the same time. For example: You have 2 Yahoo accounts, one for personal use and one for your business, you can use both accounts at the same time and be logged into both instead of logging off one account to log in to the new one.

You can even open multible chats within one chat window, kinda like tab browsing in Firefox. Cool!

Another cool feature is that it will allow you to combine multible buddies if one person have more than one account (For example: one account on Yahoo IM and a Google talk account) you can combine them both to appear as one.

Not satisfied!

There are 2 more great features:

1. You get email notifications from your Gmail, MSN/Hotmail/Live, Yahoo mail, AOL email, IMAP and pop accounts. And you can reply directly from digsby!

2. (And that’s my favorite featuere) Social networking: Stay connected without having to go to your browser on facebook, myspace, twitter or linkedIn.

Digsby will keep you updated with your friends new status on facebook, or your naighbor’s mood change on myspace or your replies on twitter, and of course you can update your twitter status from digsby or @ reply to someone, or directly open your friends wall page on facebook.

Oh, besides the fact that I appear online on facebook almost 24/7 (when I am actually only on digsby), Digsby is truly universal, you will create one account on digsby during your first install, then if you travel or change computers, all you have to do is to sign in your digsby account and all the rest of your accounts that’s stored from before will load and log in automaticaly.

There are many other feature that you can find here. Or you can Join Wahol.com for free and learn even more by video and audio.

Digsby developers are always updating the software with new features, I have personally requested to add an RSS reader feature through their feedback requests, I also requested to have it as an Android mobile app so I can use it on my phone, there is also digsby for facebook application that is already published and ready for you to download in your facebook account.

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Bebo sold for $850 million… To AOL!!



Just when you think that life is better and people finally realizing that AOL is NOT the “Internet” at it’s best. AOL turn around and make a very strange decision by buying Bebo.com (a leading social networking site in Europe and mostly in Ireland).

I remember when AOL and AOL affiliates worldwide were trying to dominate the market with their software. And I never liked it. As many of you know, I like options options options. And the AOL system (Software) doesn’t give me as much as I need it to, after their massive marketing plans I was “still” not convinced to download it. And thank god I didn’t.

Now in a weird move, AOL bought Bebo, and if you don’t live in Europe, you will wonder who or what the heck is Bebo.
I have been a member of bebo since November of 2007 when an Irish friend of mine told me that it’s the Myspace of Europe, specifically Ireland.
It is a great site, but I never thought it would make it big to the U.S., however AOL turns around and buy it!!!

Now after hearing the news, instead of being active on bebo about 6 days a week, I will reduce my activity on there in an effort to stay away from the evil AOL as much as I can.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for the guys at bebo and will personally congratulate them for the big sale, after all it’s $850 Million 😉