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Pownce to bounce off and shutting down!

After being acquired by Six Apart, Pownce is shutting down on December 15th.
It is sad, but it is true, at the beginning I thought it was some spam message that I got in the mail, but after reading both Pownce and Six Apart blogs, it is confirmed that the company that brought to you great platforms such as TypePad and Movable Type (Six Apart) has acquired Pownce.com or should I say acquired the team at Pownce!
The founder of Pownce (Leah Culver) along with (Mike Malone) are moving to work with Six Apart on growing the vision as part of the engineering team (Here is a link to the Pownce blog).

It is sad to see a great service go down, but I am looking forward for the next innovation from the team.

As for my account, I am removing the link to my Pownce profile as of December 15th and I will use the exporting tool that they have just added (There is mercy still in the world) to save all my friends contacts and may be able to import all to this blog!

I wonder if Kevin Rise will join the team as well?! I will however look for Leah and Kevin’s tweets.

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Bebo sold for $850 million… To AOL!!



Just when you think that life is better and people finally realizing that AOL is NOT the “Internet” at it’s best. AOL turn around and make a very strange decision by buying Bebo.com (a leading social networking site in Europe and mostly in Ireland).

I remember when AOL and AOL affiliates worldwide were trying to dominate the market with their software. And I never liked it. As many of you know, I like options options options. And the AOL system (Software) doesn’t give me as much as I need it to, after their massive marketing plans I was “still” not convinced to download it. And thank god I didn’t.

Now in a weird move, AOL bought Bebo, and if you don’t live in Europe, you will wonder who or what the heck is Bebo.
I have been a member of bebo since November of 2007 when an Irish friend of mine told me that it’s the Myspace of Europe, specifically Ireland.
It is a great site, but I never thought it would make it big to the U.S., however AOL turns around and buy it!!!

Now after hearing the news, instead of being active on bebo about 6 days a week, I will reduce my activity on there in an effort to stay away from the evil AOL as much as I can.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for the guys at bebo and will personally congratulate them for the big sale, after all it’s $850 Million 😉