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I’ve been teaching Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency for 2 years!

Yep, 2 years ago I launched my Bitcoin profit course and as of June 2017, six of my members became millionaires using cryptocurrency.

On April 21st 2016 we introduced my eBay and bitcoin for profit courses at the NYC Tech Day Expo:

We’ve got a few signups mostly for eBay as 2 years ago no one was interested in cryptocurrency, but 1 of the people who signed up for the Bitcoin course hit a 7 figure profit by January 2017.

My point is, that I have been in the industry long enough and I have multiple methods of profiting from Cryptocurrency, and I am thinking of re-launching the course again as many people has been asking for it.

My question to you: Should I re-launch the course at Learrn? Let me know in the comments.

How I Made $1600 Overnight Literally While Sleeping!


I promised to write about Bitcoin a little, in the past 24 hours Bitcoin’s price jumped to as high as $306, it’s not a secret that I trade Bitcoin almost on a daily basis, trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is one of the methods I have my Bitcoin business built upon.
Online Bitcoin trading is easy and in my opinion “predictable”.
As soon as I say the price jump on my phone, I sold the difference ($10.54) of all my Bitcoins, after the fees and the sale, my peofit was close to $1600.
That’s literally someone’s paycheck for a month.
I’m re-investing this profit tonight since the price is down to $301. That’s an extra 5+ bitcoins with some cash leftover (enough for a nice dinner).
Although I’m about to launch my eBay course, I’m thinking of another course to follow, would you be interested in a cryptocurrency course? Let me know in the comments below.

And The eBay Course Beta Testers Are In!


Super excited about my eBay course launch, I first announced it on this blog and on Periscope yesterday and the response was great.

I opened the doors to beta testers (only 5 testers) during my Scope yesterday and within an hour I got 5  people in, I did charge $200 plus the work and feedback they will help me with. By 9pm last night, and only 6 hours after I received another 9 requests, unfortunately I am only allowing 5 beta testers (which I think is sufficient enough), so the extra people would be joining the full program once I launch on Tuesday.

We already started working on testing the interface, and so far (thankfully) no issues, I even got 2 great comments on how awesome it looks.

Tomorrow, we will test the private group.

I’ll keep you updated throughout the launch about everything. And still supper excited.