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I’ve been teaching Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency for 2 years!

Yep, 2 years ago I launched my Bitcoin profit course and as of June 2017, six of my members became millionaires using cryptocurrency.

On April 21st 2016 we introduced my eBay and bitcoin for profit courses at the NYC Tech Day Expo:

We’ve got a few signups mostly for eBay as 2 years ago no one was interested in cryptocurrency, but 1 of the people who signed up for the Bitcoin course hit a 7 figure profit by January 2017.

My point is, that I have been in the industry long enough and I have multiple methods of profiting from Cryptocurrency, and I am thinking of re-launching the course again as many people has been asking for it.

My question to you: Should I re-launch the course at Learrn? Let me know in the comments.