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Do not put all your eggs on eBay!

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A wise man once told me not to put all my eggs in one basket, ever since I listened to his words and used it in almost every day of my life, even in my business strategy.

I said it before and I will say it again, a true entrepreneur will try to multi-stream their income as much as they can, let’s use me as an example:

My income is divided in so many ways, that I technically have 17 jobs! Between blogging, in house ad revenue, out of house ad revenue, affiliate commissions, Elance and Craigslist jobs, other writing jobs, teaching and selling on eBay, SEO consulting and more in the same line of business, I have guaranteed my self a steady income that won’t be effected by any failure in any of the jobs I have.

Today, I read a new book by my good friend Steve Lindhorst (Former eBay University instructor) and first thing came to my mind was the wise man’s words above.

The book is targeted for online sellers and retailers to explain how to multiply your income in no time. If you are currently an eBay seller, you will understand what I mean. And if you are an eBay seller that does not sell any where else then shame on you.

The book will not only take you through multi channel selling on eBay as well as on Amazon.com and according to the New York Times, Amazon beat eBay in traffic for the holidays at the end of 2007, you know what that means? I do. It means a lot more sales, specially with all the current and upcoming changes with eBay, I think it’s way much safer to add another selling channel to your online business.

Not only that, but the book (Selling on the River) will explain in great details how to sell on Amazon, and yes, it’s free to list on Amazon, the book will even show you the differences, and the pros and cons of selling on both eBay and Amazon.

It also came with great 2 bonuses:

1. “25 Things eBay Sellers Must Know about Selling on Amazon”

2. “How to Scout for Top Sellers with Your Cell Phone”

I personally liked the first bonus a lot, and I recommend the book to any eBay seller or any one that would like to start selling online the right way.

Download your copy here

Make money with eBay motors (an ebook review)


Thanks to my good friend Steve Lindhorst from genuine seller, I gave eBay motors another chance for car sales.

Steve’s latest ebook (Showroom Secrets) explain in details how to use your eBay selling skills to make full time living selling cars. The ebook covers every thing from learning how to sell cars, to the preparations for getting deals with car dealers in your local area.

Steve is a former eBay University instructor with an excellent experience with cars and car dealers, As you read the ebook, you will go through details for everything you need to know to start listing dealer vehicles, and making money.

Steve said about the ebook: ” The material is designed for people who know how to use eBay, but cannot afford to lay out hundreds or thousands of dollars for inventory to resell. After reading the book a person with solid eBay skills could approach vehicle dealerships in their area and begin a service business with no money upfront. Without the information in the book, there’s a good chance of getting shot down right out of the gate.”

To download the ebook instantly and start making money as soon as tomorrow, click here

Enjoy it.