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Why I moved to duckduckgo? Hint: Privacy!

duckI decided to revive this blog.

I know it’s been super long since I have actively blogged. Sorry!

During that time I still used the internet and yes, I use search engines to stay informed. I even bought Google Glass and searched from it for a few things (mostly directions).

During that time Edward Snowden was all over the new about privacy. And for those of you who may ask: I don’t care if it’s the government spying on me, but private companies who’s using my information, sharing it and even selling to bigDATA… that’s a hell NO!

Long story short (I may have more on this soon), I decided to take control of my privacy, and trust me, it paid off.

I completely moved all my searches to duckduckgo, the only search engine comprehensive enough to fulfill my searching needs without tracking every single search and other data. I migrated back to Firefox from Chrome and I am not worried about my privacy as I used to be.

That’s it. take my advice or don’t, but it’s as simple as that, I will share more on other privacy issues in the near future.

ScribeFire 3.0 is out with QuickAds

ScribeFire, the famous FireFox Add-on for bloggers (Click here for more info) just released the 3.0 version today.

I think that I personally 100% switched from my former favorite free blogging tool “Windows live writer” to a full time blogging through ScribeFire.
Here are the new features available with this version:

Works with:

  • Firefox:
    2.0 – 3.1b1pre

New Features

* QuickAds integration

Bug Fixes

* Tabbing from the subject now gives focus to the editor
* Added support for certain responses from LiveJournal
*   is no longer converted to a blank space.
* Fix for https:// blogs
* Fixed validation of element

QuickAds is a fully automatic Ad Network Optimization:

ScribeFire QuickAds is the first service to enable
publishers to serve fully optimized banners ads on their sites with
point and click functionality. ScribeFire’s patent pending technology
simplifies banner-space maintenance and optimization by requiring no
code additions to websites.
Your days of seeking out multiple
banner ad partners are over. ScribeFire QuickAds brings reputable ad
partners to your doorstep to maximize revenue in the quickest way
Leverage Scribefire’s relationships with over 100 ad networks to ensure
that you are receiving the maximum revenue from every impression you