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A Google launch: KNOL!

While on my “Semi-vacation!” I was working behind the scene, when all the sudden Google launched their new (Introduced originally in 2007) encyclopedia that’s edited by users. KNOL (pronounced: nol) as in (KNOwLedge) and each page is called a KNOL which means (ironically) a unit of knowledge.
Don’t make the mistake of going to which belong to some kind of hardware company in a non-English language (Their rank jumped up from 1,112,000 to only 91,000 in less than a week (I wonder why!)).
The correct address that you may want to add to your is:
Unlike Wikipedia, Knol recognize their authors and feature them as experts with their real bios and photos. (In the process while signing up, Google will call your phone as part of their verification of your authority).
I like that. Along with a couple of other options that I found out ahile playing with it the last couple of days:

  • You will have options to choose how you licene your work.
  • You will share some income with the ease of adding your AdSence with your work.
  • I love the WYSIWYG editor (Allowing you to add HTML) unlike Wikipedia.
  • And you can have more than one person publishing their work in one Knol.

I have heard this around the web for the last couple of days: It’s the Wikipedia killer, and I think that this project was Google’s attempt to compete with Wikipedia. To my surprise “Wink Wink” I find some pages on Google search results from Knol ranked higher than pages from Wikipedia, and that’s only within the first 3 days of it’s launch to the public. Which raise my (And a lot more people) point: isn’t this a conflict of interest?! Wasn’t Google’s main mission is to stay natural?!
I wonder!

And the winner is:

As promised the winner for the first Entrecard contest is:
Let me give you the numbers first:
Total entered: 451 (Noticed some people entered twice)
Total Drops: 7111 throughout the week.
Total new RSS by email: 232.
Total new twitter fans: 429
Total comments: over 800 mostly spam (Had to delete it all, but your entries were not effected).
The next contest will be coming up very soon.
The winner of this contest was “Many Afkaran” (His blog just started).
“Many” won an extra 200 credits due to a feeling good in the air attitude 😉
Next contest we will up the prize to 5000 Entrecard credits.
Congratulations to Many.

New: Guru Of Sales version 1.6!!

Why is it 1.6?
Why not 2.0?
And why now?

First of all, I like to remind you that back in April I only made very little changes since the launch of this blog. We named it version 1.5.
Just recently we added some more changes but it wasn’t big enough to qualify for version 2.0 yet. And in the near future we will have 1.7 or 1.9 whatever it will be, so keep an eye 😉

Recent changes includes the following:

New pages: (not to big of a change) (This is a local service only) (As promised before. I didn’t forget) (To advertise with us)
More pages in the next update.

New categories:
Some of you may know that me and my guest bloggers ran 26 blogs, I joining 5 of them into this blog, also joining most of the other blogs to be sold (Already have 3 offers on the table). In results of that, I added more categories to this blog to reflect the changes.
New categories will involve more than the main purpose of this blog, to include technology (Mainly gadgets) and environment issues like global warming.
In results of the new changes, you will see much more traffic on this blog and we’ll try to keep it all connected. I am also taking this opportunity to announce that some of my bloggers are leaving to be on their own and will only blog here occasionally. So, within a week, I will post for a blogging job opening (Again!) so keep an eye if you’re looking for some extra income.
I had to include this post under all the categories, otherwise, the categories will not show. Take a look near the end of the sidebar to check the new categories.

I would like to thank everyone that worked with me to make all this possible.

Until next time friends 🙂