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Green Earth! The Cause!

It is finaly here!
Green Earth! The Cause on Facebook along with the group to support it.
For years I have been encouraging everyone I know to go green. I personally believe that by going green, you will do much more than saving Earth, in fact I think that a lot of other “Man-made” problems will be solved if we all do something about it.
The talking will be less and the doing will be more now.
To join the cause on Facebook go here:
To join the group on facebook go here:
To join the cause on MySpace go here:
Watch this video and rate it on YouTube:

The cause just started, the main goal is to share tips on going green and actually do it.
More updates will be coming on it, and I welcome any ides on the cause’s page or by commenting here.


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7 Days to Blog Action Day video!

Today I received a reminder (Quoted Below) from the organization, and so, I am sharing these 2 great videos with you guys, hope you enjoy:

Here is the email reminder:

7 Days to Go – Have you Registered?

Hello Bloggers!

We’ve got just 7 days to go before Blog Action Day 2008 – and we want to make sure everyone who participated in 2007 has had a chance to register their blogs to post up on October 15th and join us once more in shaking the internet!

Register at:

In 2008 we’re discussing Poverty and we’re all set for a huge year with thousands of bloggers registered to participate, including dozens of top bloggers like TechCrunch, LifeHacker and more!

Additionally we have members of both the Spanish and English parliaments planning on participating, a ton of great organisations including the United Nations Millenium Campaign, Friendster, MySpace, Kiva, BlogTV,, and lots more.

New: Guru Of Sales version 1.6!!

Why is it 1.6?
Why not 2.0?
And why now?

First of all, I like to remind you that back in April I only made very little changes since the launch of this blog. We named it version 1.5.
Just recently we added some more changes but it wasn’t big enough to qualify for version 2.0 yet. And in the near future we will have 1.7 or 1.9 whatever it will be, so keep an eye πŸ˜‰

Recent changes includes the following:

New pages: (not to big of a change) (This is a local service only) (As promised before. I didn’t forget) (To advertise with us)
More pages in the next update.

New categories:
Some of you may know that me and my guest bloggers ran 26 blogs, I joining 5 of them into this blog, also joining most of the other blogs to be sold (Already have 3 offers on the table). In results of that, I added more categories to this blog to reflect the changes.
New categories will involve more than the main purpose of this blog, to include technology (Mainly gadgets) and environment issues like global warming.
In results of the new changes, you will see much more traffic on this blog and we’ll try to keep it all connected. I am also taking this opportunity to announce that some of my bloggers are leaving to be on their own and will only blog here occasionally. So, within a week, I will post for a blogging job opening (Again!) so keep an eye if you’re looking for some extra income.
I had to include this post under all the categories, otherwise, the categories will not show. Take a look near the end of the sidebar to check the new categories.

I would like to thank everyone that worked with me to make all this possible.

Until next time friends πŸ™‚

Happy Earth Day


Happy Earth Day everyone. It is sure fun to write and read about it, but did you personally take action today? I know I did, and have been for the last 3 years. So let’s keep it clean and green. Comment below and tell the world what did you do. if you didn’t then please, get up and do something.

Here is 2 videos to get you going:

And I want to thank our earth for everything we took for granted.

Thank You Earth

May 3rd Shut down day.


May 3rd of this year marks my best friends wedding, and also one of my new favorite days, the shut down day.

It is becoming one of the biggest global movement ever, to shut down your computers completely for 24 hours.

The idea started to find out if people can stay away from computers for 24 hours, and what will happen. Well I did it last year, and I took a long bike ride (First time out after my leg accident) and it was great.

This year I am committed to taking the next step in my effort to help have greener earth.

I will not only shut down all my computers, I will also shut down this blog for 24 hours with one logo that will show.

I will also be at my friends wedding, but after the wedding I am going to be in time square to participate in a flash mob (I got the idea from the site) and then I will just go home and simply sleep.

To find out more (And please do) go to and see the way that you can participate, of course the idea is still to shut down your computer for 24 hours. and just enjoy your day πŸ˜‰

Blog Action Day

As many of you might know that today is blog action day:

Today I encourage all bloggers to join the force, after all it’s about our own environment!

Steps we (bloggers) can take to make a different:

1- Take action by making a plan (pledge) to save our environment by joining Yahoo’s green program here.

2- Turn your computer off at night

3- Consider donating for an environmental cause.

4- Learn more about recycling and how it works here.

5- You already saving papers by blogging but here is quite a few more ideas:

a. Choose not to print receipts at your ATM. And try to do more online banking.

b. Subscribe to your favorite newspaper or magazine online (Most publications allow that now)

c. If you eat outside, Make sure to use fewer napkins.

6- Buy a more energy efficient monitor for your computer.

7- Plant a tree somewhere.

I know there is a lot more we can do to save our environment but that was just a start.

Enjoy your day, have some green tea.