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Open call for bloggers and writers



Hello everyone, it is that time again to open our doors for new bloggers to become our guest bloggers.

But there is a twist this time!

Unlike our last open call, we are changing the requirements and rules to join the team. Due to a very high demands and over 50 bloggers responded to our announcements and updates, we had to up the requirements.

Now, due to recent blogs merging into one, this blog is not about marketing only, instead you can blog about these major subjects:

  • Online Marketing
  • Blogging Tips
  • Web 2.0
  • Social Networking
  • New services
  • eBay
  • New electronics and gadgets
  • Global warming issues
  • Living green
  • More… (Check available categories)

There are 2 levels to blog with us now:

First level is as a guest blogger you will not receive any payments for your posts until you qualify for the next level. The only requirement for this level is that all your posts will have to be approved first and we might edit some posts.

Of course you can add any links (Affiliate links allowed, but no ads links), you will also benefit from the great exposure this blog has and more links to your own blog or business.

At this level we will only work through email. For more details and to apply please contact us through the contact form from the menu on top of this blog.

To qualify for the next level, here is the requirements:

We will need your commitment of at least 5 blog posts a week (More is better), the second requirement is to reach 100 posts before we start sending you payments for each post.

Benefits for the second level are:

  • Access to our admin area to post instantly.
  • Payments per each post are between $25 to $250 depending on the quality of the post and some other factors that we will discuss in details with you. (Payments sent within 24 hours by PayPal).
  • An all exclusive discounts to advertising on our blog (Advertise your own business or sell advertising and keep your profit).
  • Depending on your location, we will send you and fully cover all expenses to trade shows around the world for your own reviews.
  • Occasionally we will send you gadgets and new cool tools, yours to keep from big names. (We will only ask for a good review).
  • Exclusive free pass to upcoming Guru Of Sales program/school (To be announced later this year).
  • Monthly meetings with our entire team, locally in person or live video.

Even more to come soon.

For both levels above, all we ask is that your article to be of good quality and a minimum of 150 words each.

Keep in mind any link you will provide in your article will be a No-Follow link.

To apply or if you have any questions please go to the contact form through the menu on top of this page. Make sure the subject line contains the words “Guest Blogging”

I am personally looking forward to work with you.

New: Guru Of Sales version 1.6!!

Why is it 1.6?
Why not 2.0?
And why now?

First of all, I like to remind you that back in April I only made very little changes since the launch of this blog. We named it version 1.5.
Just recently we added some more changes but it wasn’t big enough to qualify for version 2.0 yet. And in the near future we will have 1.7 or 1.9 whatever it will be, so keep an eye 😉

Recent changes includes the following:

New pages: (not to big of a change) (This is a local service only) (As promised before. I didn’t forget) (To advertise with us)
More pages in the next update.

New categories:
Some of you may know that me and my guest bloggers ran 26 blogs, I joining 5 of them into this blog, also joining most of the other blogs to be sold (Already have 3 offers on the table). In results of that, I added more categories to this blog to reflect the changes.
New categories will involve more than the main purpose of this blog, to include technology (Mainly gadgets) and environment issues like global warming.
In results of the new changes, you will see much more traffic on this blog and we’ll try to keep it all connected. I am also taking this opportunity to announce that some of my bloggers are leaving to be on their own and will only blog here occasionally. So, within a week, I will post for a blogging job opening (Again!) so keep an eye if you’re looking for some extra income.
I had to include this post under all the categories, otherwise, the categories will not show. Take a look near the end of the sidebar to check the new categories.

I would like to thank everyone that worked with me to make all this possible.

Until next time friends 🙂