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Make Money with the new eBay affiliate program!


If You are already an eBay affiliate through CJ.com, then you will need to know about this:

On April 1st, the new eBay self owned affiliate program is opening for new signups, and if you use CJ.com then you will have to change your links and discover the new eBay affiliate network program.

One of the best new features is the affiliate enabled eBay Togo application, something that I (as an eBay community developer) have been waiting for, it’s now here with a lot more new tools and options. And if you are a developer, then you will love the affiliate API portal.

All the great tools and benefits of working with the eBay program will remain the same – access to the Editor Kit and affiliate API, the flexible destination tool, the great payout structure. In addition, the eBay partner network will provide several new features: • Easy global registration to multiple countries simultaneously • New, targeted banners and rich media creatives • New landing page optimization and geo-targeting capabilities • More detailed reporting capabilities for eBay’s programs

I am already playing with the new tools mostly: Flex Tool, Editor Kit, RSS Feed Generator, Keyword Linking Tool and the Product Kit.

No need to worry for the non geeks out there, it’s even easier than before to insert the affiliate links and start making money globally!

Check the new program at: http://affiliates.ebay.com/ and for the new affiliate enabled Togo application go here: http://togo.ebay.com/affiliates/

eBay live 08 registration is now open!


As an eBay member, education specialist, trading assistant, developer member, PayPal certified developer and Skype developer, You know I will be there from June 16th to the 21st, feel free to join me, whether you’re an eBay member or not, it is the biggest eBay event for buyers, sellers, power sellers and eBay related services developers.

eBay Live! is the biggest event of the year for the eBay Community. Thousands of passionate eBay Community members will get together to network, share tips and ideas, get hands-on experience with new solutions, and learn new ways to succeed on eBay. There’s something for every eBay Community member-from first-time buyer to the most advanced Top Seller.

Here is some of this events highlights:

* The Keynote Address-hear eBay leaders discuss the past, present, and future of eBay at this exclusive event.

* Education-choose from hundreds of classes, labs, and discussions and elevate your eBay success.

* Networking Events-get to know other eBay Community members at Networking breaks, lunches, and dinners to build lasting friendships and profitable business relationships.

* The Closing Gala-dine, dance, and celebrate another enlightening, rewarding eBay Live!

Here is part of the email announcement that I got:

eBay Live! has something to offer everyone, whether you’re new to the eBay Community or a seasoned veteran: -Network with over 10,000 enthusiastic eBay Community members -Learn how to be more successful buying and selling on eBay at over 150 sessions taught by staff and other eBay experts -Hear about the future of eBay at the Keynote Address given by John Donahoe, eBay President and CEO -Have a ball at the Closing Gala, featuring world-class entertainment

I will be speaking at the education specialist training day (exclusive for education specialists) on June 18th, to become and education specialist and be able to attend the training day, you can sign up here: poweru.net

Registration dates and deals for eBay live:

March 14-April 30: $ 75 SAVE $45!
May 1-May 31: $100 SAVE $20!
June 1-June 21: $120  
Saturday Only: $ 75  

And you can register here: eBay live

Hope to see you there. 🙂

eBay Desktop 1.0 Now Available

ebay desktop logo

I have been researching the application and waiting for the 1.0 final release, it’s a cool coincidence for it to come out at the same time Adobe Air 1.0 is out!

That’s from their blog:

eBay Desktop 1.0 is now available for download! This free application is an alternative to the eBay website – you can use it to search, browse, bid, keep track of your auctions — all the things you use the website for when you’ve got some money burning a hole in your pocket (or in your PayPal account).

The 1.0 release contains lots of bug fixes, performance enhancements, and small changes to features in response to user suggestions. We also recently released a beta including international support, and the 1.0 has lots of fixes that should make using eBay Desktop from all the international eBay locations much better.

eBay Desktop uses Adobe AIR, and we are synchronizing our 1.0 release with the 1.0 of AIR. The installer will take care of downloading both eBay Desktop and Adobe AIR, whether or not you have installed one or the other in the past.

We have worked on the project for nearly 2 years, and I am very pleased with the end result. We have lots more enhancements planned for the coming weeks and months, but this the most important milestone so far. The eBay Desktop team from Effective UI has worked incredibly hard on this, and I’d like to thank them all: Sean, Greg O., Greg C. Jason, and all the project alumni: thank you! And thanks to all the eBay members who have provided great suggestions, ideas, bug reports, and words of praise. I hope that we can continue to provide great user experiences that make the eBay marketplace more fun and dynamic, and help connect more individuals through the simple act of commerce.

I personally think that this tool will be great for buyers more than sellers on eBay, but with some practice on it, I think it will be a mini research tool for sellers.

Enjoy it.

RocketPlace: A conference for eBay sellers

5 of my very good friends are speakers in the RocketPlace (Formerly known as the AsWas conference) taking place in at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, February 28, 2008 – March 1, 2008 in Walt Disney World®, Florida.

The 2.5 days event is an open invitation to eBay’s PowerSellers at all levels, eBay sellers shooting to become PowerSellers, Trading Assistants and consigners, and eBay educators and consultants.

From the site:

” RocketPlace is the only conference that is:

  • Designed to deliver what eBay sellers need to learn through clear demonstrations and presentations. You’ll leave our event knowing exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • Covering techniques, strategies, and tools for eBay sellers at all levels.
  • Focused 80% on growing your eBay business and 20% on selling outside of eBay.
  • Scheduled for you to attend all of the classes, meet all of the vendors, and have a free one-on-one business consulting session without missing anything.
  • Intimate enough for you to get personal attention and your questions answered.”

Register today online using my favorite online registration service (www.regonline.com) and get a $50 discount.

To get your discount, do the following:

1. Go to rocketplace.com

2. Click on “Register online”

3. Fill in you information.

4. At check out, enter code “ALEX” and you will receive your discount.

Have a nice and informative trip.


Make money with eBay motors (an ebook review)


Thanks to my good friend Steve Lindhorst from genuine seller, I gave eBay motors another chance for car sales.

Steve’s latest ebook (Showroom Secrets) explain in details how to use your eBay selling skills to make full time living selling cars. The ebook covers every thing from learning how to sell cars, to the preparations for getting deals with car dealers in your local area.

Steve is a former eBay University instructor with an excellent experience with cars and car dealers, As you read the ebook, you will go through details for everything you need to know to start listing dealer vehicles, and making money.

Steve said about the ebook: ” The material is designed for people who know how to use eBay, but cannot afford to lay out hundreds or thousands of dollars for inventory to resell. After reading the book a person with solid eBay skills could approach vehicle dealerships in their area and begin a service business with no money upfront. Without the information in the book, there’s a good chance of getting shot down right out of the gate.”

To download the ebook instantly and start making money as soon as tomorrow, click here

Enjoy it.

Win $10,000 plus an iPhone from PayPal

In an effort to promote eBay Mobile, PayPal is running a promotion sweepstakes between October 15th to November 30th.

As a buyer I like the idea of buying and paying on the go through your mobile phone.

As a seller on eBay I like it even more to know that I will get more exposure through a different platform, your cell phone, and in results will get a bit higher prices for my items.

How to enter:

You’ll be automatically entered, up to once each day, when you pay with PayPal for auction-style listings or Buy It Now products from m.eBay.com on your cell phone.

You will also get a chance on the 5 $100 daily prizes.

For more info go to eBay Mobile page.

eBay is also running a promotion for sellers now until December 12.

Sellers can get free gallery or discounted value pack and gallery plus. For more info go to the promotion page. (This link will expire after the promotion)

Shop Victoriously. A new eBay promotion

Win $50,000!

By now most of us have seen the new eBay TV advertising campaign. If You didn’t then read on and find out where to see it all:

After the very successful eBay huge “It” campaign then (in my own opinion) the not very successful smaller “Windorphins” campaign.

eBay started the new huge campaign just in time for the holidays shopping rush : “SHOP VICTORIOUSLY” is the name.

I saw the first ad “Dog race” of this campaign before a movie in the movie theater and immediately researched it as soon as I got home, from my marketing view.

I think this campaign will attract a new kind of buyers to eBay, as well as pushing some merchandise categories.

You can see all ads on the new great looking site for the campaign here: Shop Victoriously

The site covers a lot on the idea of shopping and winning. You can tell from the scenario of the 4 ads, it reassemble the bidding and winning scenario in real eBay world.

After watching all the videos, there is a true story section, where real people telling their recent success stories on eBay.

Then there is the “Andy & Paul” section of the site, with current and upcoming video episodes speaking about the “7 Principles” of becoming a true winner aside from the words of wisdom and other episodes to become available on a later date.

One more section that will grab your attention: The $50,000 game, which you can win any of the daily prizes or win the $50,000. Well I will leave that up to you and good luck.

Launch of one click bidding on eBay.com

Fresh news and new tools from eBay.
This week eBay is launching a new tool called:

One click bidding.
This tool is for buyers, and what it allows you to do is: Once you bid once, then to re-bid again just click on the link, it will bring up a small window in your screen (from within the item page) so when it gets to the last few minutes of the auction, the small window will refresh automatically about every 3 seconds.
From within this window the new one click bidding option will be there so you can re-bid very quickly using it.
So look for that, it will be under the bid button on the item page.
This is coming out this week and it’s great for buyers and sellers also since it will allow more bidding and therefore a higher price for the items.
I will revisit and use the tool once it’s out so I can study it more and give you any further information about it.